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Why Star Online Music Academy?

Become a Semi-Professional Musician in just 3 months

with our One to One Personalized Online Music Classes

Our teaching: Who said it takes many years to learn music professionally? With our Unique Syllabus & Smart Online teaching method, you can understand music quickly. Even if you are a complete beginner, still you can become a professional musician in less than 6 months. not years...!

Dedicated individual focus. Any time you can ask your doubts. And your doubts will never be counted as a class even if you ask 100 doubts every day, It's completely free. We will clear your doubts with patience.

We are the topmost rated music academy of the state.

➡ Learn music with Fun. We always teach your favorite songs. It can be any genre of any language. We will teach your favorite songs every month.

➡ Smart Online classes offer to take your class anywhere anytime comfortable of your choice 24/7. No specific time restrictions.

➡  Most affordable fees ever online. Just Rs.999 per month. Yes, all these quality training & flexible fun learning at just Rs. 999/- month. No hidden charges, No registration fees required...


Benefits of Learning Music

  • Increase Coordination

  • Increase Creative Thinking 

  • Better @ Team Work

  • Stress Management

  • Gives You Confidence

  • Strengthens Bonding

  • Enrich Memory Skills

  • Always Happy Attitude

  • Multi-Tasking Ability

  • Increase Blood flow to your brain

  • Reduce Depression

  • Stress-Free Attitude

  • Strengthens the Brain Function

Try us Once. And feel the change in your life... 

- Star Online Music Academy

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